Im-materiality No.3 // Ebbe Stub Wittrup + Troels Sandegård



Im-materiality No. 3 (Consciousness) by Ebbe Stub Wittrup + Troels Sandegård



"Im-materiality No.3" is a collective exhibition, held at the Sorø Kunstmuseum.

The exhibition is curated by Brigitte Kirkhoff Eriksen, and presents itself as follows:

"Can we even understand the material world that lies outside of ourselves? Can we separate ourselves from it? How can we pose the question "what is real?" if "we cannot understand what is real unless we understand what 'what' means, and we cannot understand what 'what' means without understanding what 'means' is, but we cannot hope to understand what 'means' is without understanding what 'is' means." (Ray Brassier)

"We could give up right away. Nevertheless, Im-materiality No.3 will venture an attempt at describing the relationship between the consciousness and the surrounding world, between thought and thing, the immaterial and the material. The exhibition asks a lot of questions to which it offers no clear-cut answers. For the consciousness is an unsolved riddle and no one knows if it resides in one place or indeed everywhere." 

Danish artists  Ebbe Stub Wittrup + Troels Sandegård work with superstition and the creation of myths, optical illusions and tricks of the mind in his art. They take inspiration from psychology, theosophy, gestalt and colour theory, and they're ability of challenging and disturbing our logical and rational interaction with the world.







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